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All the animals at Liberty Hall Livestock Rescue are living a peacable existence. They have been rescued from lives of abuse, neglect and unwant at local farms and zoos. We assure the highest quality of life for each of the over 200 animals on the Liberty Hall farm. But this life is not cheap. For instance, the cost to feed and care for an emu can be over $3,000 for a single year. Sheila, our eldest emu, just celebrated her 20th birthday. We need your help to provide a peacable life for the animals on the farm. Whether it's $10 or $10,000 every dollar goes to feed and care for the animals at Liberty Hall's Livestock Rescue.

Frequent Questions

No. Pledge as much as you can afford. Caring for an entire animal is a very generous gesture, but not for everyone. Liberty Hall wants to make sure anyone can make a difference in a needy animal's life.

Yes. If you sponsor an animal as a gift an email expressing appreciation is sent to the designated gift recipient along with a picture of the animal.

Yes. Liberty Hall Livestock Rescue is a federally registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

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About us

We care for the unwanted

Our animals come to us with a variety of stories. Some are here because their owners loved them but could not sustain them at the life they deserved. Some are here because they were abandoned and, because of Liberty Hall's relationship with animal control organizations in Virginia, they were rehomed here. Some were born here. Some found their own ways. Regardless of where they are from or how they got here, they now live a life of peace.

Our Philosophy

We guarantee a "peaceable existence" to each and every one of the animals who call Liberty Hall home. Each animal receives prompt and professional medical care, safe and hospital housing, and enough food that the animals here never have to compete for resources. The land is expansive, the animals can roam and graze on the huge plot of land in Paris, Virginia.

Meet our Team

John Boneta

John is the mental and physical power sustaining Liberty Hall. Not only does John have a successful law practice in Falls Church but he spends several days a week slopping pigs, cleaning stalls and otherwise caring for the farm's guests.

Martha Boneta

Martha is a farmer and a native Virginian. Growing up, her family always had kitchen gardens and it was Martha’s childhood dream to be a Virginia farmer.

Our biggest sponsors

Law Offices of John A Boneta, PLLC
Tricycle Technologies, LLC

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Contact for additional information:

contact@livestockrescue.org or call us

+1 (703) 855 0727

Location & Time

We are located in Paris, Virginia.

Tours available from 9am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday.